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Founded in 1990 by Aldo Pineschi, Jr., Aldo Pineschi Consulting is a consulting firm based in Roseville, CA that works to help local businesses, non-profits and political candidates become successful in their local communities.

As a consultant for several Placer County businesses, organizations and nonprofit agencies, Aldo Pineschi Consulting helps to coordinate community activities and community outreach, as well as assists with event coordination and fundraising to help the local community.

Aldo Pineschi Consulting has also been responsible for numerous successful local campaigns in Placer County including school bond measures, candidates and issue-oriented campaigns. Aldo’s campaigns have included candidates for local city councils and county officials along with other local government offices.

You can email Aldo Pineschi Consulting at [email protected]. You can also connect with the company through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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